BUG HOTELS.  The above pictures show what can be achieved with a few bricks, wooden pallets, logs and other materials.  By providing the correct habitats we can increase the number of insects on the allotment who will prove beneficial to the crops we grow on our plots.The Bug Hotel should be sited in semi shade against a shed or a hedge or under a tree.  The pallets can be stacked one on top of another or cut up. The gaps created by the stacking can then be filled with rotted wood, bark to attract beetles, centipedes & woodlice. Whilst a length of drain pipe filled with cut down canes will provide a home for solitary bees. Stone and tiles will provide ideal damp conditions for frogs and newts. Whilst straw, hay & dry leaves will provide great hibernation facilities for small rodents.Look at planting some nectar-rich flowers around your hotel to attract butterflies, bees & other insects.                

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