1.             Exhibitors in Floral Art Classes 66-70  must send entries to the Show Secretary not later than Friday 20th October.
                Exhibitors in the non-floral art classes 1-65  & 71-77 can pre-enter or enter at the time of staging.

2.             The venue will be open for staging from 5.30 p.m. until 9 p.m. on Friday night  prior to the Show and from 6.30 am until 
                8.30 am on the Saturday of the Show.

3.             All exhibits entered for competition must have been grown by the exhibitor with the exception of exhibits in Section 6 & 7. Exhibits 
                must be staged in accordance with the schedule.

4.            In order to be satisfied that the conditions governing competitive classes in Rule 3 are fulfilled, the Association reserve the right
                to visit by commission before or after a Show, gardens from which flowers, fruit or vegetables have been entered for 

5.             The judges shall be empowered to withhold prizes, where, in their opinion the exhibits are considered deficient in merit, and 
                their decision shall be final.

6.            Any exhibitor protesting against any exhibit at this show shall do so in writing, and hand same with a deposit of 50p to the Show
                Secretary not later than 4.00 p.m. on the first day of the Show. Should any protest be upheld by the committee, they shall be 
                empowered to withhold the prize and any other prizes awarded to the defaulting exhibitor, and award same to the next 
                exhibitor in order of merit. Should the protest not be admitted, the deposit shall be forfeited.

7.             Exhibitors shall be allowed to enter any number of exhibits in any class and be eligible to win more than one prize or award.

8.             All articles exhibited at the Show will remain at the risk of the exhibitor. The committee shall use their best endeavour to 
                preserve same, but will in no way be responsible for any injury or loss.  

9.             All exhibits must remain staged during the whole time the Show is open. No exhibit shall be removed before 4.30 p.m. on 
                closing day of the Show.

10.           All flower exhibits must be staged in water or water retaining material and those requiring to be named must be written on special 
                cards, which can be obtained from the Secretary’s table at the Show.
                All exhibitors in the vegetable, chrysanthemum and dahlia classes are requested to name the varieties in their entries.

11.           Exhibitors may use their own vases as well as those provided by the DHA.

12.           The Show will be judged under RHS, NVS, NDS, NCS & NAFAS Rules.

13.           All trophies will be presented to the winning exhibitors at 3.45 p.m. on Sunday 29th October or as otherwise announced and must
                 be signed for before taking away.

14.           Security must be given by the winning exhibitors for the safe custody of the Trophies and they must be returned to the Show 
                Secretary by staging time in a clean, presentable condition. All trophy winners are requested to take Trophies home, as the Association has limited storage space

15.           NOVICE: A novice for this show is defined as an exhibitor who has never won a first prize at a DHA show in previous years.

16.           A flat rate entry fee of £3 will be charged except in the Floral Art Section.

Note :  All Exhibitors are particularly requested, in order to prevent misunderstandings, to make themselves thoroughly acquainted with
the Rules and Regulations, which will be strictly adhered to. Staging will be provided for the Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Classes.

For the benefit of visitors, please try and ensure that your Varieties are correctly named, (name cards available from the Secretary’s
office at the Show). Tiered staging will be provided for the chrysanthemum classes. 

NCS SILVER MEDAL will be awarded for the Best Exhibit in classes 1-27.
NCS BRONZE MEDAL will be awarded for the Best Vase in Classes 1-27.
NCS CERTIFICATE will be awarded for the Premier Bloom in Classes 1-27. NDS SILVER MEDAL will be awarded to the best exhibit in Classes 28-35.
NVS SILVER MEDAL will be awarded to the Outstanding Exhibit in Classes 42-65.
NVS SPONSORED PLAQUE will be awarded to the winner of Class 56  (250gm onions)


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