W I Judge : Nancy Hawkworth

Entry fee 50p for all classes.

Prize Money. 1st £3, 2nd £2, 3rd £1.

71.  1 Loaf of Bread using 1lb/450gms of flour any variety ( could be wholemeal, white or a mixture of flours. 

72. Victoria Sandwich Cake baked in 2 tins approx. 8in/20cm using 3 eggs, filled with raspberry jam and lightly dusted with caster sugar. 

73. 5 Fruit scones 

74. A fruit pie using shortcrust pastry top and bottom, made on a 6/7in or 15/18cm foil plate. 

75. A jar (8/16oz 225/450g) of any variety of jam made in 2017. Label to show variety, date of making i.e. day, month & year. May have a wax disc and cellophane covering or a new lid.76. Jar of Pickle- not chutney 8oz to 1lb ie onion, mixed pickle, red cabbage, beetroot or piccalilli.77. 3 Pieces of shortbread.78. A coffee cake with butter cream filling baked in 2 tins approx. 8in/20cm using 3 eggs- no top decoration.79. 3 Cheese scones.80. 5 Jam tarts.

81. 5 Pieces of Chocolate Brownies

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